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The Initial Consultation

We will first meet for a brief meeting at a venue that is convenient to take the brief and to understand your design objectives. When decided to undertake a project I will take a more detailed home where we discuss your likes, dislikes, tastes, and preferences. We'll consider the most appropriate styles suited to you, your needs and property compatibility. It's helpful for me if you have any images from magazines, books or newspapers of home decoration that you like. We will take a tour around the property and go through the requirements room by room. If you need building work, a new bathroom or kitchen, this will be outsourced for you ensuring recommended and trusted professionals can support the project. We will discuss timeframes and budget, ensuring you are comfortable with the process and your expectations are met. Through this meeting we’ll get to know each other and it will simultaneously help create a brief that you will review. You will be able to ask any questions you have relating to the project, and you can make contact after the meeting if there are any further questions or information needed.

Designing & Conceptualising

We will start with selecting images to create Concept boards expressing mood, tone and palette which we'll work on together. Once decided on the design and conceptualising all the furnishings, fabrics, and fittings needed will begin. This will then be presented to you in a comprehensive presentation that will show all the aspects of your design. Floor plans will be created to help you visualise the layout of your home, offering a range of layout solutions. Ideas will be shared through the Houzz Room boards where you can view items and then approve, decline or comment on them. Through this process we ensure each item is exactly what is needed. You will see the design come alive when the items are displayed on Digital sample boards enabling you to see how all the furnishings and finishes work with the room schemes. I will place the orders on your behalf. You will be involved throughout the design and implementation phases so the results are exactly what you expect and everything goes according to what you have envisioned.

Installation & Aftercare

Out with the old and in with the new. As well as altering the layout, this stage will be a change to the clients original scheme. A project can typically can take up to twelve months or longer to complete, given all the steps and lead times of bespoke items. Projects work in phases as it takes time to get each item as required, therefore orders are staggered. All delivery times will be discussed with the client ensuring that they are at your convenience and without stress. If needed, items can be delivered to the studio and can be transported to the client when convenient. Depending on the size of the property you may wish to stay somewhere else during decorating work and building work which will make living at you home more convenient for the home owner. There should be no problems with aftercare as all items will be durable and of good quality. If there is to be anything of concern, you can make contact after completion of the project and I will resolve any issues that might occur. The service will continue until the client is happy with their project.